Medicare rebates are available for psychological treatment for up to 10 consultations per calendar year. To access medicare rebates you will require a Mental Health Care Plan and referral from your GP. This must be bought to the initial consultation to claim the rebate. Your medicare rebate can be deposited direct to your bank account.  For example: you pay $145.00 to attend a consultation, and then receive a rebate of $84.80, making your out-of-pocket cost $60.20 per session. Please note, doctors generally require an extended consultation to prepare the Mental Health Care Plan.

For more information on the Medicare “Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative, visit the Department of Health.


Private Insurance

Private health care funds generally provide rebates for psychological services under their extras cover.  Please contact your health fund directly to find out what level of rebate or benefit you may be eligible for.  A referral is not required for health insurance rebates.

Please note that Medicare rebates and health insurance rebates cannot both be claimed for the same consultation.




Individual Therapy

Are you experiencing concerns that are affecting your quality of life, relationships and well-being? Therapy can help you to understand and make sense of these difficulties. 

Adolescent Counselling

The teenage years can be a turbulent time when young people go through many life changes. Counselling can be helpful for adolescents to have a space to talk through difficult experiences, emotions and relationships.

Relationship Counselling

Are you having difficulties with the important people in your life? Counselling can be helpful to explore these issues and find more effective ways of communicating and understanding each other.

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